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The Mystic Aquarium is a chance to explore the sea and get a unique experience of the wildlife that is under the sea.

There are many opportunities for a hands on experience at the aquarium. At the ray touch pool, you can feel the sting rays. At the shark encounters, they allow guests to actually touch the sharks!! You can also feel the rough skin of the alligators! These experiences make it even more real and rewarding to come and visit the Mystic Aquarium.

The Mystic Aquarium doesn't stop there with these hands-on experiences. Another highlight that is offered are the encounters that are available! These up-close encounters with the animals are a great way to learn and experience these amazing creatures up-close. Encounters with beluga, penguins, sea lions, seals, and stingrays. There is even an opportunity to be a "trainer" for the day which gives you the opportunity to see all of the animals mentioned above up-close and personal. You are also able to learn a lot as you go through the day with world-class animal care professionals.

The theaters and performances are another great reason to visit the Mystic Aquarium. There is a 4D Theater, a Blue Theater, and the Foxwoods Marine Theater. Your family is sure to be entertained and educated by these great performances! The California sea lions put on quite the show in the Foxwoods Marine Theater. Watch as the staff interacts with the sea lions and shows them off. In the Blue Theater there is a showing of The Lost World that takes you on a journey of Bob's trip through a tropical rainforest. The theater showings change at times but continue to be an entertaining and educational experience for children and adults of all ages.

Hours vary throughout the year but typically the Mystic Aquarium is open from around 9-5. Be sure to check the website for more details and information! You will love what you "sea"!!